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Source: Al Norman, Mass Home Care


Getting Older, Staying In Shape
Q: As I get older, does it really matter to stay physically active?

Getting The Most From Your Drug Plan
Q: Is there more to using a drug plan than just selecting one?

Helping the Deaf & Hard of Hearing
Q: What’s the difference between hard of hearing and deaf?

The Importance of Vaccines For The Elderly
Q: Is it important for seniors to keep up on their vaccines?

Drug Abuse & the Elderly
Q: Is drug abuse an issue with older people?

Medicare & Your Maintenance Care
Q: Do I have to “improve” to keep getting home health care?

Be Wary Of Home Repair Scams
Q: Are the elderly at greater risk of housing improvement scams?

Keeping Your Cool On Very Hot Days
Q: Are seniors at greater risk for hyperthermia?

Should I Buy Prescriptions Online?
Q: Are online Canadian pharmacies offering cheap drugs for real?

Being pushed out of the hospital too soon?
Q: If I think I’m not ready for a hospital discharge, can I appeal?

Preparing Yourself For Medicare
Q: I am turning 65, how should I get ready for Medicare?

What’s The Matter With Your Bladder?
Q: Are bladder problems a common concern for older people?